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Equipment leasing
Types of Leases:

Master Lease – helps manage multiple equipment purchases while leveraging and lowering your rate

Capital Leases - allows your company to retain the tax benefits of ownership with cash flows that work

Tax Leases - passes the tax benefits to the Lessor while lowering your payment

Operating Leases - provides off balance sheet treatment – expense versus debt

Structured Leases - help manage your company’s unique cash flow demands

  • Seasonal payments - skipped or reduced payments during your off season
  • Step Payments - payments designed to mirror equipment ramp-up schedule
  • Residuals - a deferred balloon or residual can lower monthly payments significantly

TRAC Leases - special lease structure and tax treatment designed for titled vehicles

Muni Leases - provides qualified Municipalities with tax free lease options

Vendor Lease Programs - designed to help customers purchase your equipment Remember, no financial product or solution is right for every company. In fact, various equipment types, uses and life cycles may demand very different structures for your company

Type of Equipment Leased:


Equipment Rental

Short and long term rentals for your construction equipment needs
We are pleased to announce, through our association with MacAllister Rentals and United Rentals, we have added short and long term construction equipment rental to our service offerings. Now, with access to one of the largest rental inventories, let Putnam Industries be your equipment rental provider of choice!

Equipment for Rent

Why Rent From Putnam?
  • We are a City, State, ACDBE, MBE, & DBE certified company
  • We can help you manage your MBE/Diversity credit.
  • Our competitive daily, weekly and four week pricing
  • We offer long term lease and finance products too!